ITF/CAT 14 years & under African Junior Championships

Recent Results
The ITF/CAT African Junior Championships on Hard Court (AJCHC) will be preceded as per last year by a
14&U ITF/CAT Open Tournament of Grade (1) which can serves as a Warm up event for the players eligible to
enter in it and who are accepted to take part at the ITF/CAT Individual African Junior Championship on Hard
Courts (IAJCHC) for 14 & U in 2019.
Players who are accepted to play in the African Junior Championship will be automatically accepted in the Main
Draw of the warm up tournament. The draw size of the warm up event could go beyond 32 players.

A. Boys 14 & Under Born between 1st January 2005 and 31st December 2008 – having
turned 11 years old before or the 1st
day of the Championship.
B. Girls 14 & Under Born between 1st January 2005 and 31st December 2008 – having
turned 11 years old before or the 1st day of the Championship.

Eligibility, Entries & Selection/Choice Procedures for the AJCHC for 14 & U for
Players eligible to compete must be born between 1st January 2005 and 31 December 2008 and having turned
11 years old before or the 1st day of the Championships.
Each National Association is eligible to enter up to a MAXIMUM of Four (4) Players in each Gender.
Selection/Choice Procedures of the Players:
In 2019, the Selection/Choice of the players to take part at the African Junior Championships on Hard Court
will be based on the 4 different procedures:
1- The final Teams’ Ranking for 14 & under during the previous AJCs on Hard and on Clay Court (2018)
for both gender – boys and girls:
Number of « Places »: 8 in each Gender (1 per Country)
The following National Federations of each of the teams ranked from the 1
to 8th
place boys & girls in the 14
& under teams’ ranking of the two AJCs (hard court & clay court) are eligible to enter one (1) player who will
automatically be accepted.
As follow the concerned countries based on the ranking recorded after the 1
and the 2nd
AJC 14 & U:
1 Namibia 1 Morocco
2 Tunisia 2 Kenya
3 South Africa 3 Egypt
4 Morocco 4 Tunisia
5 Zimbabwe 5 Algeria
6 Egypt 6 South Africa
7 Mauritius 7 Madagascar
8 Kenya 8 Zimbabwe
2- The African 14 & Under Ranking:
Number of « Places »: 13* or 14*
Among the players entered by each national Federation, the best 13* or 14* ranked players according to the
14&U African Ranking which will appear at the entry deadline (3 weeks prior to the AJCHC) will be selected to
take part at the AJCHC.
Those national Federations eligible to nominate 1 player, according to the Procedure (2) above, have
to enter other players than the one nominated according to the Procedure (1).
3- ITF/CAT Places following the results of the Zones’ Championships:
Number of « Places »: 8 OR 9
(8)* or (9)* Places will be allocated by the CAT in consultation with the Development Officers according to the
results recorded by the best players of each region following the individual zonal competitions of the 14 years
and under that took place in January 2019; (2) Spots for each of the following regions:
- North: 2 Spots
- Southern: 2 Spots
- Eastern: 2 Spots
- West-Centre: (2)* or (3)*
* In the case of the Western & Central African Regions, (2) Spots will be insured for the players of these
regions. A 3rd Spot could be allocated to the region (Western OR Central) which would not get a player among
the (2) Spots allocated
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Where & When
Wed, Apr 24th 2019
Sun, Apr 28th 2019
Mon, Apr 1st 2019 5:00am

3 Country Lane
Benoni, Gauteng East, Ekurhuleni - Benoni, Gauteng 1525
South Africa
Sanctioned Event

This is a Tennis South Africa sanctioned event.

Tournament Officials

Owen O'Neill

Boksburg, Gauteng, ZA

Mninawa NDAKU

Pretoria, Gauteng, ZA


Ekurhuleni, Gauteng, ZA
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