Tennis South Africa

Name Where When
2018060 Growthpoint Super 8 GE 9th Jul to 14th Jul
2018061 Mpumalanga Seniors 12th Jul to 15th Jul
2018062 Buffalo City Mini 2 14th Jul to 15th Jul
2018064 FS Mini 4 20th Jul to 22nd Jul
2018065 KZN Mini 3 20th Jul to 22nd Jul
2018067 MP Nut and Bolt 27th Jul to 29th Jul
Name Where When
2018069 WP Mini 4 3rd Aug to 5th Aug
2018071 KZN SENIORS 8th Aug to 12th Aug
2018070 MP Grand Prix 9th Aug to 12th Aug
2018072 KZN UMGUNGUNGDLOVU 10th Aug to 12th Aug
2018074 NWU Pukke RVTA Mini 1 17th Aug to 19th Aug
2018076 BOL Sportsman Warehouse Mini 3 18th Aug to 26th Aug
2018077 GE Daveyton Tennis 24Seven 24th Aug to 26th Aug
2018078 FS Mini 5 31st Aug to 2nd Sep
Name Where When
20180079 EC EP Brian Bands Mini 3 1st Sep to 2nd Sep
2018082 KZN King Chetshwayo 7th Sep to 9th Sep
2018084 GN Wilson Mini 2 9th Sep to 16th Sep
2018085 WP Mini 5 14th Sep to 16th Sep
2018088 NORTH WEST SENIORS 21st Sep to 24th Sep
2018089 BOLAND SENIORS 21st Sep to 24th Sep
2018087 GE Grand Prix 21st Sep to 24th Sep
2018090 EDEN Technifibre Grand Prix 21st Sep to 24th Sep
2018092 EC EP Cradock Mini 2 22nd Sep to 23rd Sep
2018093 KZN Trafalgar Property Management 29th Sep to 2nd Oct
2018095 GC Wilson Marks Park Grand Prix 29th Sep to 3rd Oct
2018094 WP Grand Prix 29th Sep to 3rd Oct
Name Where When
2018096 EDEN Sports Centre Mini 5 5th Oct to 7th Oct
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